Location: Errachidia.

In our minds, there’s no better education than the experiences you have while traveling. The immersive experience helps us connect what we read in books with the real world. We meet people, experience new sights, smells, sounds and gain an appreciation not just for how others live, but how we live as well. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t still learn about a place and its culture. In this episode of Adventures in Learning, we take a trip to another country without ever leaving our living room, then morocco is yours.

Why this project?

There are not many facilities for children of ECA and its surroundings. It is not the habit that children have toys. and schools have no playgrounds or schoolyards. Many children are bored, hanging around, doing nothing. For these children ECA wants to organize activities in the summer to give them a pleasant stay.


Children will be grouped by age. Each team of volunteers to guide a group of children. Volunteers are free to design the program and choose activities according to their own wish and children’s preferences. Examples of activities are theater, dance, music, games and sports. Again, volunteers must take into account that there is little available materials.

Before you arrive, we expect you to have many ideas of things to do for children, so when you get ready to work with other volunteers can participate by giving ideas and propose activities. Especially children understand games / tasks by giving one example, but there are also staff translators in case.


Volunteers will stay together in a house.

Who can participate?

Everyone at the minimum age of 18 and who is highly motivated and creative.

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Conditions for participation

Each volunteer participating in our camps must be 18 or over and speak French or English. They must also be motivated to work and participate in various activities to achieve the camp objectives.

General program and participation fees (They will be sent to you when we receive your application form)

How to register

To register for one of our camps, please send us an email expressing your interest in joining our site info (at) ############## After that, we will send you a form by e-mail that you send to us by mail after filling. Then we’ll tell you how to complete your registration for the camp.

And seeing that the number of volunteers for each camp is limited, the lists will be closed as soon as the desired number is reached.

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